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The Fantasy Assistant was made to be easy to use, but there are plenty of features that can made it somewhat confusing at first glance. Head over to our complete overview of the Fantasy Assistant.

Yes, the waiver wire suggestions can be applied to both head 2 head and rotisserie leagues. However, more customizations are planned for Roto leagues.

Down the road I would like to add additional support to specify particular categories to give priority to. For example, if select a pitcher and then ERA, we'd present customized suggestions based on that particular category. As you can imagine this feature will take quite a bit of testing and tweaking, but it is definately planned.

It is critical that you use the latest available version of your web browser of choice. There are issues with older web browsers that will cause things to not function properly. For example, Internet Explorer 7 has known issues with loading.

In order of recommended browser: Chrome 17+, Firefox 10+, Opera 11.60+, Safari 5+, Internet Explorer 9+.

All four major sports are supported including: NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB. We support syncing fantasy leagues from Yahoo!, CBSSports, ESPN, and

During our initial launch, only the NBA is fully implemented. The remaining sports will soon follow. You may also notice that during the offseason waiver wire suggestions will be disabled for each sport. As soon as enough stats are available then the feature will be activated.

The Fantasy Assistant is easy to use and extremely powerful. It is helpful for players of all skill-sets whether you have been playing fantasy sports for a 10 days or 10+ years

You may have come across similar products on the web with high price tags and big promises. You might be wondering why this one is so special? Well, the Fantasy Assistant was designed by a fantasy sports geek (Brant Tedeschi), and I personally use it to discover new talent and evaluate my team.

In order to come up with waiver wire suggestions, we look at specific timeframes. A player with a higher risk means we are looking at a smaller subset of his stats. Lower risk means we are looking at a larger subset of his stats.

The point of Waiver Wire Suggestions is to uncover the best possible talent. Sometimes the best option is a relatively unknown player (which is why 'High Risk' is shown by default). In a competitive league, that player will likely be gone within a few days. Therefore it is critical to look at guys who are HOT right now.

Ultimately it's up to you to decide which player to take a gamble on.

Player Importance looks at team rating and breaks it down into each player's individual rating. The more important players will have a larger percentage.

The individual ratings are based off of our FSP formula that powers everything from our trade and team analyzers to our Fantasy Assistant.

When a league is synced, we know who is on your bench and who is in your starting lineup. We evaluate each team in your league and come up with ratings based on their current rosters. Over time you can see how well your team has performed and where you rank in the league. Team ratings are updated once per day.

Some people have asked if it's better to a have a better "Full Roster" or "Starting Lineup" ranking. Both are important. Ideally you want a well balanced team incase an injury occurs to one of your key players. Just because your starting lineup is solid does not mean you can sit back and ignore the waiver wire. Always be prepared.

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